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The decisions we make in our daily lives are often driven by cost and convenience. Our habits, and the goods and services we consume form complex systems with branching effects on the environment and society.


There is an abundance of innovation and information out there, and an unprecedented aspiration for a cleaner, greener future. But making sense of it all is a difficult task in itself despite our best intentions. 


The Join the Dots podcast unpacks the science and data behind the choices we make in our daily lives. We’ll never try to sell you anything, but we’ll do our best to make the science behind our choices and habits accessible, clear, and even fun.

(pre-covid recording session!)
(picture of us taken pre-covid!)

We want to take experts and scientists off their pedestals not because we want to put them down, but to show that science changes its mind all the time and that’s fine. We are constantly exposed to new evidence and new ways of looking at what is around us. Join us and have a laugh about data and science – we promise it’s possible!  


We are three science and policy advisers (and nerds) dedicated to the environment and making science available to all. We believe that science and knowledge can be understood by all. Science should not be a privilege for an elite few, but a resource for all to use and further enrich.  

who we are

your hosts

Ece Ozdemiroglu is an environmental economist. She set up the UK’s first environmental economics consultancy, eftec, in 1992 and has been working on a variety of environmental issues for a diversity of government and business decision makers. She believes good evidence needs to be paired with good communication to solve problems. She is a member of the UK Network of Environmental Economists and the Climate Change Committee and a Fellow of the RSA. Ece also writes and performs for the stage.

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Dr. Sabine E. Apitz specialises in developing various conceptual tools, including Ecosystem Services, Sustainability and other ecosystems-based framings, to link what we can measure as scientists to what we want to achieve in society, to support environmental management, policy and decision-making. An Oceanographer/Marine Geochemist by training, she worked for 10 years as a senior marine environmental scientist for the US Navy. For the last 20 years, she has been the Director of SEA Environmental Decisions, an independent UK consultancy providing advice to an international group of clients. A fellow of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, she is a Deputy Editor of its journal, Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management.

Jill Duggan is an expert in climate and energy policy and the Executive Director of Environmental Defense Fund Europe.  She has worked predominantly on climate and energy policy for the past two decades: as a UK civil servant, for a think tank in the US, for the European Commission, for the energy industry and leading business groups. She is a Fellow of the Energy Institute and an Associate Fellow of Chatham House, The Royal Institute of International Affairs.  Jill enjoys getting facts out in the open and challenging the status quo.

We live in and around London, and we hail from Turkey (Ece) and the US (Sabine), and Jill is a born-and-bred Londoner. 

The views we express in the podcast are our own.

behind the scenes

Neil McKeown | Composer, audio editing & production

Creator of our sound ID and ear of the team, Neil made us realise that how you sound is just as important as what you say! He is an all round sound guy.

Get to know him and his film, video game, theatre and music work better at neilsounds.com

Anna has a background in theatre, film, and sound, after working in and around London’s West End – before moving to Portugal in 2009, in the search for sunnier weather.

Anna strongly believes in the power of the female story, the right to be heard, and in making sure everybody is listened to in the best way possible. Constantly inspired and awed by the incredible people she works with, Anna also has a very inspirational cat – the Bob, who would also like to have his own podcast…

Get to know her better at mcgunnmedia.com

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