from evidence to advice

Why does expert advice change?
How can we interpret risk evidence?
How do we deal with uncertainty?

In this episode we focus on Source-Pathway-Receptor Framework and, as always, a bit of cost benefit analysis

***February 2021 update on masks ***

Given the new virus variants, we wanted to check out the new advice about masks. Listen to the quick update (we sneak in ‘the precautionary principle’ too). You can download the references which we used for the update by clicking: updated Covid19 & mask references Feb 2021

From August 2020. One of the biggest changes the coronavirus pandemic has caused in our day-to-day lives is that we now wear a mask in shops, restaurants, and public transport – after a long debate about whether we should wear them.

Why has this advice changed? Can we trust science if it is so susceptible to change? How can we join the dots from evidence to advice?

How should we wear the masks (or gloves or visors) and look after them? Is there a way to protect ourselves that’s sustainable and affordable? We investigate.

Also, you’ve probably read headlines claiming that countries led by female leaders fared better at containing the pandemic. We look at the research on women leaders and at what sets them apart from more autocratic male leaders.

***All  information and statistics correct at time of recording: early August 2020***

***The views we and our guests express in this podcast are our own***

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