Demystifying EXpertise

pathways and passions

While making our regular podcast we’re connecting with experts in many fields – some familiar some less so. In each episode in this series we will be speaking to an expert to learn what they do and how they see the world. They pose theories, they learn, they change theories. Progress requires following the evidence and changing our minds.

Each episode brings you a new interview with an “expert”. We talk to them about their field, how they got into it, and the skills and tools they use to form their conclusions.

12. Data of the Heart

Time, process and perspectives – being artists in a complex world.

11. Bringing People Together through Science:  

Tamar Hagopian Schlekat MSPH

Her journey from being an environmental consultant to becoming an enabler of cross-disciplinary science

10. Building a community through theatre: Angie Pena Arenas

Our previous guest said facts are not enough, so we asked someone who works with emotions how we can make facts relevant

9. Facts, technology and emotions from the oceans to the farm: Dr Denise Manker

Hear about how a scientist manages to have so many patents to her name and remain interested in her topic and learn to talk emotions as well as evidence – coming soon

8. Learning and Unlearning: Jodi Newcombe

Through chemistry, economics to art…sharing numbers, words, emotions 

7. Connecting people & information for sustainability:                    Joke van Wensem

Going through biology, ecology, ecotoxicology to understand the natural systems we are part of and convincing people to work together

6. Explorer & Conservationist: Tanya Rosen

Not sitting on fences…

going over them with love and compassion

5. Science-in-fiction Novelist: Susan M. Gaines

From Lab to Lab-Lit…

4. Mainstreaming the Environment into Economics: Kerry Ten Kate

Creating the job you can most usefully do...
bringing people together

3. Environmental Policy Advisor:
Jill Duggan

(also) floating like a butterfly stinging like a bee

2. Environmental Economist:
Ece Ozdemiroglu

your friendly economist

1. Environmental Scientist: Dr Sabine Apitz

aka The Mud Queen

All opinions are the personal views of our hosts and guests.