Demystifying EXpertise

pathways and passions

While making our regular podcast we’re connecting with experts in many fields – some familiar some less so. In each episode in this series we will be speaking to an expert to learn what they do and how they see the world. They pose theories, they learn, they change theories. Progress requires following the evidence and changing our minds.

Each episode brings you a new interview with an “expert”. We talk to them about their field, how they got into it, and the skills and tools they use to form their conclusions.

1. Marine Geochemistry: Dr Sabine Apitz

aka The Mud Queen

2. Environmental Economics:
Ece Ozdemiroglu

your friendly economist

3. Environmental Policy Advisor:
Jill Duggan

(also) floating like a butterfly stinging like a bee

EP. 4

Coming soon...

All opinions are the personal views of our hosts and guests.