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Each episode brings you a vibrant discussion on a new topic – we always provide our references, and if you really want to get stuck in check out our further resources!

Listen to how we got on with our 2021 – 1 things and what we pledge for 2022….updating the image above was not one of those! 

15. Festive drinks

Cheers! Slainte! Prost! Serefe! 

Season’s greetings come with a tipple or two 

COP26 Updates

Daily podcasts from COP26

14. Sustainable fishing

If you are going to eat fish, how should you choose what to eat and when? 

13. Sustainable business & stakeholder

Stakeholder capitalism for the benefit of all … A big statement? Yup, we need big statements even more baby steps!

12. Down the Drain 2

Clothes and washing…microfibres and chemicals that clean then hang around…coming soon

11. Down the Drain 1 

Toiletries and medicines – where do they go, what do they do once they leave our bodies? 

10. Electric Vehicles

If you must drive…drive an EV

9. The Air We Breathe

As we appreciate cleaner air in our cities during lock downs, we wanted to talk about air pollution…it’s a long conversation! 

8. One thing in 2021!

We wish you a healthy and peaceful New Year and that you find 1 thing that you can do better in 2021!

Ours are pets, travel, rooibos tea and theobromine…

7. Season’s Greetings 2020 – Together Apart!

Let’s give each other our time and love, even if physically apart – fewer environmental impacts, maximum reward

*the wonder in the photo is a ‘Christmas tree worm’ – check them out and fall in love with nature all over again!

6. Can many cooks feed the world and save the planet?

Our exploration of the food system continues on the supply side

5. Food in an Uncertain World

In a world that relies on a small number of food stuffs and transports them long distances, how can we ensure we have secure food supply?

4. Air Fresheners

Who tells us that clean needs to smell of something? Who knows what goes into various fragrances?

3. Homes, heat pumps and more

Let's get our heads around heat pumps, what makes more sustainable home heating solutions, and explain the government advisory services and grants that you can use

2. Hygiene products from cradle to grave

Let's talk about nappies, pads and pants, traditional gender roles and choices

1. Covid-19: From Evidence to Advice

Ece, Jill and Sabine discuss interpreting risk evidence, the pros and cons of disposable masks and gloves, and their reusable alternatives

where do we get our information from?

Whilst we use a lot of knowledge from our experience, a lot of thought and research also goes into each episode. To see our list of references and relevant resources for each episode, simply the “listen here” button to be redirected to the episode’s page.

Understanding the research is key to making informed decisions and staying on top of new developments. If you want to get better at understanding primary research and how to create your own opinions from the seemingly unending amounts of information online, check out our resources page!