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At join the dots we wanted to create fun content that helps people understand the world and inform their decisions a little better. 

To do this we started by making a series about choices, each episode bringing you a discussion on a single area of life and the impacts of the decisions that come with it. 

In the process of making our series about choices, we’ve been connecting with experts from many fields – some familiar, some less so. We’ve also been citing papers and referencing experts as we navigate these choices, and we’ve realised there is a gap in knowledge about how evidence becomes advice and how a person becomes a so-called “expert”. We wanted to understand this catch-all term better and break the expert/non-expert divide. The result is our new series: Demystifying Experts – Pathways and Passions.

Find out more about both series below 🙂

Episodes about Choices

Hosts Ece, Jill and Sabine navigate the decisions we make in everyday life. Tackling a new topic each episode, we talk the impacts of our choices and unpack the evidence behind all this.

Listen to two new episodes on the third Monday of each month.

Demystifying Expertise:
Pathways and Passions

Interviews in around 20 minutes with the humans behind the PhDs, MScs and all the other ABCDEFGs. We uncover what it means to be an "expert" and learn about the tools they use to reach their conclusions.

Listen to a new episode on the first Monday of each month.

where do we get our information from?

Whilst we use a lot of knowledge from our experience, a lot of thought and research also goes into each episode. To see our list of references and relevant resources for each episode, simply the “listen here” button to be redirected to the episode’s page.

Understanding the research is key to making informed decisions and staying on top of new developments. If you want to get better at understanding primary research and how to create your own opinions from the seemingly unending amounts of information online, check out our resources page!

All opinions are personal to guests and hosts.