Demystifying Expertise

8. learning and unlearning:
jodi Newcombe

For this episode, Ece spoke to Jodi Newcombe, one-time colleague, all-time friend, with several hats – including Carbon Arts and Castlemaine Institute.

She talked about her journey of learning, unlearning and managing her professional ego. She says she hits ‘the green wall’ but what helps her survive, and may also help you are: 1. discover and focus on your unique gifts and 2. listen without thinking about what you’ll say next. 

“Cultural change offers us the best chance for rapid evolution. What we believe and the stories we tell ourselves shape the world. Unlearning the culture, mindsets and belief systems that brought us climate change is a first and challenging step. But it paves the way for the joyful practice of forging a new culture and story in which humans can co-evolve with and regenerate life on Earth”