Demystifying Expertise

6. Explorer & conservationist:
Tanya Rosen

Tanya’s love for the animals and people she works with will warm your heart.

Tatjana (Tanya) Rosen is a National Geographic Explorer working on snow leopard, Persian leopard and Asiatic cheetah conservation in Central Asia and the Caucasus – currently based at Caucasus Nature Fund; having previously worked on grizzly bears ad wolfs in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks in the USA.

The way she speaks about her connection with the animals is moving – so much so that Ece was lost for words at times.

What is even more special about Tanya is that she is also connected to the people. She’s striving to find ways that will make life easier both for the people and the animals – this being key to successful conservation.

Her story will take you from Italy and former Yugoslavia to the USA, and via many Central Asian countries to Tbilisi, Georgia where she was when she spoke to Ece. Her story will also take you through war and terror attacks and from the courtrooms to the mountains. 

Having mentioned war and terror, you would be forgiven for thinking the conversation would be dark and gloomy. On the contrary, you will be uplifted by her love for people and the animals she works with. She says any time she feels like giving up, animals remind her why she should not.

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