episode 13

Sustainable BUsiness & stakeholders

In this episode, we talk about the business side of things…. business of (good) business, if you like. 

In previous episodes, we’ve talked about the environmental impacts caused by the design, production, use and disposal of products such as air fresheners, cosmetics, toiletries, medicines, washing detergents, and hygiene products.

We have explored the pathways from the release of harmful substances (such as pollution to air, water) through to impact on the natural environment and human health and wellbeing.

We have also talked about what we, as consumers and citizens, can do – in this episode we look at businesses, but individuals are not let off the hook, because we also discuss what stakeholder capitalism is, and is all about. 

What makes companies better at being more sustainable – commercially, but also socially and environmentally? Have companies been changing the way in which they conduct their business to reduce their negative environmental (and social?) impacts? More than that – are they beginning to think about their dependence on nature as an opportunity for innovation? 

To talk about this, we have with us Helena Wayth, the CEO of A Bird’s Eye View – a strategic business and marketing consultancy which she founded after years of working in different strategic and leadership positions across sectors and the world. She has written extensively on the changing role of Boards and on governance by private companies.  You can find links to her work and others in the references below. 

*** The views we and our guests express in this podcast are our own ***