What do you look at when replacing your boiler? Where do you find information about heat pumps and who do you trust? Can the UK embrace community heating options?

In this episode we focus on energy policy and technology and, as always, a bit of cost benefit analysis…

In June 2019, the UK committed to achieve ‘net zero by 2050’. Achieving this will require a coordinated and significant effort across all sectors. Heating and hot water for our homes make up a significant portion of energy use and emissions and are the focus of this episode. Policy makers assume there will be a switch to using heat pumps but knowledge about them is sparse; gas is subsidised to make competition tough and what’s the point of changing to a super duper heating system if your windows are draughty and your walls need insulating?

Jenny Hill of the Secretariat to the Climate Change Committee and Peter Wickens from The Fuel Effect are our guests. We explore the challenges and opportunities for more sustainable home heating solutions, and explain the government advisory services and grants you can use.

*** The views we and our guests express in this podcast are our own ***