episode 2

hygiene Products
from cradle to grave

Are you going to use them once and chuck them in the bin or invest more in reusables?
How can we weigh up the pros and cons of different nappies, period products and incontinence pads?
What about the health and social implications of our choices?

In this episode we focus on Life Cycle Assessment and, as always, a bit of cost benefit analysis…

Humans are animals, and so we eat, excrete and bleed, from cradle to grave. Throughout history, we have used a variety of natural and man-made products to staunch flows and collect and absorb bodily fluids. So, in this episode – timed to coincide with Environmenstrual Week – we take a deep, unembarrassed dive to land on soft, cuddly nappies, sanitary pads and incontinence pants. Through the lens of life-cycle analysis, we look at the financial and environmental costs from absorbent gels to cleaning reusables. We finish off with an ode to the unsung hero of cleaning aids: vinegar

Joy Hilary Vick, the founder of Nappy Ever After and a Trustee of the Women’s Environmental Network is our guest.

***The views we and our guests express in this podcast are our own***