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A 12 day conference with diplomatic negotiations, a blue zone (for ‘parties’ and ‘party overflows’) and a green zone (for the general public) and many side events all over the city; attended by around 30,000 people. 

A lot of work goes into preparing for a COP – not just the physical structures but also ideas, conversations and agreements. And the work continues after. 

It is important to establish “the mood music” as Jill puts it, so all the work before, during and after, delivers what we need. 

Ece and Jill are up in Glasgow for COP26. They will do daily summaries – supported by Sabine, Neil and Anna back at the HQ. If they manage to find each other in the chaos they may even upload a chat. Listen out for their summaries in the evening.

See below for follow up references and background information we mention in the updates. 

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follow up

Here you can find further reading / watching / listening we mention in the COP26 episodes.

Day 11 links

Energise Africa – explore impact investment from £50. This does not constitute investment advice.

The draft agreement in The Guardian

Net Zero Banking Alliance –

Net Zero Banking Alliance – commitment

Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero –

World Resources Institute –

Helen Mountford –

Day 9 links

You can watch Ece interviewing Lord Deben, Chair of UK Climate Change Committee on the youtube channel of Turkish Ministry of Environment, Urbanisation and Climate Change – he speaks about optimism and apocalypse, the history of climate change policy in the UK and the remaining challenges for the UK and the world, including security and migration. 

For some research on droughts as trigger for migration – see this article and the Climate Change Risk Assessment for the UK (which includes international risks) by the UK Climate Change Committee.

For the research Ece mentioned about rainfall and migration in Turkey was published by Nathan Delacretaz at University Neuchatel. You can see his page and contact details here

Day 6 links

We met lots of individuals on the march yesterday and these two organisations

Survival International 

Minga Indigena

Day 5 links

Hackney Social Radio – Older Voices – An Intergenerational Conversation about the Climate Change with Younger and Older Voices in Hackney

First Minister’s Environment Council – press release today and Flickr account of the Scottish government that shows a photo of the Council (the top of Ece’s head is just about visible – but really who has Flickr account these days?!)

Day 4 (Energy Day) links

Ece attended a meeting of hearts and minds in a circle held by Kosha Anja Joubert, CEO of the Pocket Project in the stand hosted by Institute of Advance Sustainability Studies 

Met with Derin Altan for 40 seconds after meeting him at a seminar on Net Zero for Bozcaada. Derin is one half of Esmiyor (means ‘no breeze’ in Turkish) – a climate change news and discussions platform and podcast

Some of the Day 3 (Finance Day) announcements from Aldersgate Group‘s digest

Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak announced that he was making net zero transition plans mandatory for financial institutions and listed companies

The US re-joined the high ambition coalition

Japan has pledged up to $10 billion in new climate finance

The UK and India announced a plan to improve interconnections between the world’s electricity power grids

Mark Carney’s Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero announced it can secure $130 trillion in climate finance commitments

Day 1

PM of Barbados, Mia Mottley

For official broadcast from the COP26 – you can subscribe to their youtube channel:

For an explanation of what COP26 is – see their website:

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